Asus Maximus IV?

Hello folks! Thank you for reading my question. Im looking at putting a sandy bridge system together tomorrow or so. I had been looking to buy the Maximus IV but I cant find it for sale or a release date. Does anyone know if there has been a stated release date or maybe timeframe (week? month?)?

maybe a more wide ranging question, are all the currently available p67 mobos about equal right now?
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    No they're not equal. If you're getting either or both a dedicated GPU or the "K" CPUs then stear clear of the H67 at all cost, and no the some P67's use, as does the ASUS Maximus IV, a secondary PCIe nVidia chipset {NVIDIA NF200 bridge}. The P67 by itself is x16 ; x8/x8.

    I would assume the ASUS Maximus IV Extreme will be available shortly if you can hold-off for more than a few days; I haven't a clue when it will be for sale.

    I would encourage you to read this article ->
  2. I am looking for decent mAtx p67 board myself but there is no information on maximus IV gene yet. But it looks like this board is decent for the price:
    I can only suppose though that this board is really close in terms of overclocking capabilitiesand features to yet unreleased Maximus IV Gene.
  3. Thank you for the answers! I ment the non-h67 boards. I ended up with a gigabyte UD5 as that was the only higher end board they had left at the local store. But i may return it for something else havent decided yet.
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