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Hello there,

I recently purchased a Radeon 5750(1 Gig) a bit hastily(without doing enough research) to replace a dead 8800GT. I'm curious if this card is on par with my old 8800, or maybe even a bit more powerful?

My system is nothing special, it gets the job done rather nicely though, I don't play games at ridiculous resolutions, usually 1680 x 1050. I can generally play any game I try on high. I've looked at the Graphic's Card Guide on this site but I'm looking for personal experience or knowhow.

Just to give you and idea, I tend to play games like Left 4 Dead 2, Mass Effect, WOW, not the most demanding games I know...

Will this new card give me at least the same level of performance and buy me a little time until the next upgrade? The reviews seem to point to no....

My specs below:
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66(E8200)
2 Gigs DDR2-0800
Native Resolution of 1680 x 1050
610 Watt Power supply

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  1. That card is on level with 9800GTX+ and GTS250 so it is a good increase from your 8800GT. A HD5770 would have been a better upgrade but since you bought the card only because your GT died you will be happy at your current resolution.
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    It's good, could have been better though. The HD5750 sells for $20 less than the HD5770, which is much better. I would return it, however if that's not an option, you should be more than happy to play those games.
  3. Your new HD 5750 is around the same as (although I'd say slightly worse than) a 9800GTX+/GTS 250, and all three cards are two tiers above the 8800GT 512MB G92, and five tiers above the 8800GT 256MB (G80 I'm supposing). So it is a pretty nice upgrade, and will last you for the time being, at that resolution. Your power supply is more than enough - IIRC, a fully loaded Core i7 system with a HD 5750 only takes around 250W.
  4. Do not go by tiers on tomshardware...we know the 8800GT to be not to far from the 9800GT, which is not too far form the 9800GTX, which = the GTS250, which = the HD5750. Drivers would have also brought the HD5770 and HD5750 to compete with their HD4870 and HD4850 counterparts toe-to-toe.
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  6. Thanks very much to everyone for the input, I think I will return it after all. How sad to put a new card right back in the mail...
  7. Yes, but now you know, :). As you yourself said, you did buy it hastily; let this prove to be a lesson for ya.

    Now enjoy your new card (in 2-3 business days)!
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