BSOD Issue on store bought PC.

Hi all,

I was wondering if you could help with an issue I have. I am trying
to trace an intermittent fault on a friends system and despite the
fact that I have stabilized the system somewhat, it does still seem
prone to the odd BSOD reboot. I will copy you what I have written in and I have the four latest .dmp files at the ready if anyone wants them.

Im not sure if its the board, or a compatabillity issue with an AM3 cpu on an am2+ board or what, perhaps you can affirm my thoughts below or give me a new direction to try
I would be hugely grateful to you.

many thanks.

System of friend:
win7 pro 32bit
2x2gig corsair XMS 800mhz
AMD X4 955 3.2Ghz
XFX Nvidia 260GTX 896mb
Asus M4N72-E AM2+

********************** msg 1
Hi, Ive been on the hunt for explanations of the following error codes
for a friends system thats been Bsoding for no good reason, and for a
dmp file reader.

its windows 7, AMD955 X4, 4 gig corsair. basically the system was
constantly bsoding and / or freezing completely with no bsod.

I have updated the bios as it was nine months out of date, also I have
updated the graphics card software. it ran great for 15 hours, played
a few games, no issues. played a game that I know crashes the system
and got a BSOD, rebooted and it locked, rebooted and BSOD. BCCode:
1000008e BCP1: C0000005 BCP2: 00000000

********************************** ms2
Hi, mem tested the ram yesterday, individual sticks in any bay test
fine, testing together and mem test crashes. individual sticks in bay
2 of each channel show as 355mhz, individual sticks in bay 1 show at
533mhz. also tried running 4x superpi 1.5 one on each core, system
bsods. I cant believe both the ram and the CPU are bad and with the
freaky frequency on bay 2 of both channels showing in memtest, plus
superpi issue...

im thinking a bad motherboard but would like your opinions.
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  1. You said this is a store bought system. What company put it together? Do you have any voltage settings available in the BIOS? BSOD issues are usually RAM related. If you can, you should manually set the RAM speed, timings, and voltage to their rated values in the BIOS. It sounds like the auto settings provide the RAM with enough voltage when a single stick is installed, but can't provide enough when two sticks are installed.
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