What is a "Clean Pull" HDD?


I've only just come across this, I went to order a brand new HDD and ordered one then realised it said "Clean Pull".

Cancelled the order because I wanted a new HDD, not a second hand one.

But what exactly constitutes a "Clean Pull"? All I could find on Google was some meatheads worrying about dropping weights.

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  1. Hello,

    Here is a decription I found through 5 minutes of googling:

    "This drive is a clean pull with 12 month warranty, the drive is new but has been taken out of a pre-built computer. This is often due to manufacturers like Acer, HP and Dell choosing to alter specifications of machines after production to follow consumer demand."

    I still wouldn't trust a "clean pull" HDD. It means that someone other than the manufacturer has pulled the HDD out to sell it. Who knows how they handled it (touching bare hands on the PCB, throwing it around like a rag doll).
  2. Yeah that’s why I cancelled my order as I want a new one, not one that’s been thrown around a workshop!

    Thanks buddy.
  3. No problem. Good idea. Have fun!
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