My graphics card fan is not working

i just installed a new cpu cooler and everything was running fine before that, after i put everything back the way they used to be, i push the power button and it turns , my cpu fan is running , my front and back fans are running too, i don't hear any beep from the motherboard like usual when you start your pc/ and then nothing happens after that, my monitor is showing nothing, and my USB the ones that are plugged in the back aren't even working, like my keyboard and mouse and internet cable.
also my graphics card isn't running as well, i checked the fan and it's not working???
what could be the problem !!!
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  1. Many things but start by checking all connections you might have bumped something loose. Then re-seat your memory and graphics card. It is apparent that the PC does not make it through post.
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    Recheck all your connections. In particular:

    Reseat your graphics card and check it's power connection if it has one.

    Leave the case side off and look at the fans. Your graphics fan might not come on right away.

    If you can't figure out the problem the best bet is to try your graphics card in another computer or try another graphics card in your computer.
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