Asus crosshair formula problem

I have a asus crosshair iv formula and would like to get a good sound card for it. Im getting in to 3d gaming and movies and would like to get the best sound i can out of my setup. I have no pci express x1 slot on the board and was wondering what options i had? Can you put a pci express x1 in a x16 slot? is there a part i need to add on to make it work in the old pci slot?

The card i wanted was the new Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD but it only comes in pci x1. Is there any good new pci sound cards out?

My system

amd 955 oc to 3.8

g skill drr3 1600 4 gigs

asus crosshair iv formula

evga gtx 580 sc

antec true power 750

wd raid -0 black 640's
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  1. Yes, you can run a PCIe x1 card in a PCIe x16 slot.
  2. No problem I just orded 2 creative giga works t40's and a creative Inspire S2 for the sub and center channel. now i got the full 3d movie setup done. I got the asus 3d monitor i will write about it when i get it. I hope they sound good becuase i got them over the bose 5 series.
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