What keyboard/mouse should i buy?

k well my sytem has been finished for a few months (specs in signature thing) and im looking for a new keyboard (and mabye mouse)
keyboard (generic creative keyboard)
mouse (logitech
since this is my midrange gaming pc i was looking at these

Razer Lycosa
Razer Arctosa
Microsoft Reclusa

OCZ Eclipse
Razer DeathAdder 3500dpi
Razer Salmosa 1800dpi
SteelSeries Kinzu
Microsoft Sidewinder X3

these are all 'gaming' mice/keyboards but what one would be the best?
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  1. Are you sure it is a mid range gaming PC? Since all the stuff above points to the contrary.

    I would get the Razer Lycosa w/ the Death Adder
  2. what is it low end?? and ok
  3. I own a Lycosa and Deathadder.
    I'm having issues with the kb but the mouse is fine.
    I also have a Logitech G110 and MX-518 combo on another rig.
    The Razer combo is sexy but cost more then the Logitech combo.
    Performance wise i give the Logitech a slight edge.
    Both set-ups include a Steelseries Qck mouse pad which i recommend for smooth performance and reduced mouse feet wear and tear.
  4. yea well im looking for a a mouse and keyboard (gaming obv) that would cost in total waround 110-125 canadian
  5. kk well i will most likly buy the razer arctosa or microsoft reclusa
  6. Last week i got my G110 for $66 CAD all in from the Egg plus a few days later they had the MX-518 on sale for $38 CAD.
    I already had the mouse but that was version 2 and the cheapest i've ever seen it in Canada.
    Go for the Reclusa at least it's lit
    not a bad deal
  7. yea canada computers is where i buy all my comp stuff anyways but is a refurb product as good as new?
  8. I have bought a couple of refurbed things before and never had a problem.
    I also checked out those mice in the store and they looked brand new to me.
    I would have no problem gambling on a $25 just make sure it's problem free within 15 days.
    Yeah i've bought 60% of my gear from them and the rest from NCIX and two things from the Egg.
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