is it the PSU or mobo?

speedfan rates 12v rail @ 1V.
PSU has conjured up a high pitch whining a few times after shutdown.
memtest finds multiple errors in dual channel but not single.
hard drive has adopted new clicking sound.
prime 95 passes but i only let it run for 10 tests, but i have had 5 bsod in the past 3-4 days.

PSU seems like the logical choice, but all these tests depend on the mobo so you never know.

heres specs

mobo:gigabyte p55ud3l
psu: corsair vx550
intel i5 750 @2.66ghz (2.75ghz w/ turbo boost)
2x2gb ripjaw ddr3 @1333mhz
gpu: sapphire ati4870
wd caviar green 1tb
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  1. How can we tell you anything if you don't post you system specs (or at least what type of PSU it is..)

    speedfan never detects correct volts anywayz so i wouldn't worry too much.

    Next time you BSOD write down the hex code for reference...

    It could possibly be bad ram but without more info... could be 100000 other things as well
  2. Sounds to me like both are failing.
  3. Speedfan could be assigning the wrong value for the 12V rail. Either try a different program, or that 11.85 value assigned to the battery is really your 12V rail. If the drive is clicking then its failing. You'll want to replace or RMA. Memory problems could be incorrect settings. Make sure the timings are set correctly and you have the correct voltage. While your in the bios, you might want to double check all other settings.
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