Motherboard compatible with Core i5 655K 3.2 GHz, LGA1156, 4 MB?

I´m building a new gaming rig and was wondering if this motherboard P7P55D, LGA1156, P55, DDR3, Crossfire X, ATX
would be compatible with the new Sandybrigde processor Core i5 655K 3.2 GHz, LGA1156, 4 MB?
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  1. Well it is not Sandy Bridge and the board is compatible.
  2. LOL then I´ve got something seriously wrong :D but would you recommend that processor for gaming purpose or do you know a beter processor in that price segment? :) Thx for helping
  3. Looks good, and that one is compatible with the mobo I´ve chosen? Also what would u think of this combo? Core i5 2500K, LGA1155, 3.3 GHz, 6MB P8P67, LGA1155, Intel P67, DDR3, SATA III, USB 3.0, ATX
  4. That is a great combo, the only thing is if you want to run SLI or Crossfire then the second PCIe x16 slot only runs at x4. You would have to go with the pro version of the same board.
  5. I think I´ll go for the sandy bridge then :) not planning on going crossfire so it wont be a problem. Getting the Radeon 6970 graphics card so i should be able to keep up with the games for quite a while
  6. That is a solid plan!
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