5870 eyefinity 6 projectors

I'd like to see a test of the eyefinity done with 6 projectors, it would eliminate the bezel issue and, lets be honest, would be epic.

I realize the price would be prohibitive, and the realestate required would be immense (side of a building at night?) but i see Bad Company at 5760x2160 with dx11 as a serious possibility here.

At the very least it's a preview of completely bezel free monitors that we may see in the future.

Assuming ~$1,000/ projector (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824219062), cost estimate is less than 6x 30" displays

I'm sure Toms has a few projectors sitting around, this can't be that hard to set up, especially compared to the 3d projector article from a few days ago.
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  1. Tom's article shows 6x22" monitors hooked up to one video card running "eyefinity" and I couldn't help but to think "why"?

    They look like crap because of the bezel issue you mention. These days you can get a single large format display (LCD/plasma) that size. The large format display will have no bezel issues and it will look one heck of a lot better than 6x22" monitors.

    I can see 3 monitors side by side for a wrap around effect but 3 stacks of 2 high monitors is just silly (IMHO).

    Your idea to use projectors is pretty cool. It would be HUGE!

    The problem with 6 projectors is that I don't think that they project a perfect rectangle, do they? They have some overscan that you don't see because it is past the edge of a typical screen. That overscan (assuming there is any) would cause issues at the seams if you had more than one projector.
  2. I am not interested to have 6x22" monitors.
    6x42" or bigger LCD or Plasma TV is better if you can still live with the bezel issue.
    6 x projectors could be a good idea. I wonder how big the screen will be.
    I think we all have the same idea.
  3. 3 1080p Panasonic 50" Plasmas. That's what I've been thinking lately ^_^.
  4. Let me just go borrow the local convention center and we can go test this idea.
  5. Trueno07 said:
    Let me just go borrow the local convention center and we can go test this idea.

    Definitely! :D
  6. The biggest issue I see with projectors (aside from the space required) would be alignment. The TH review mentioned that even with six standard displays mounted on a four-display mount and a two-display mount, they still couldn't get them perfectly aligned. I have to imagine that particular problem would be amplified considerably with projectors, which would require absolutely precise configuration to produce a single ultra-high-res image. Don't get me wrong, I think it would be awesome if you could get it set up (and not have to worry about one of them getting bumped or otherwise unaligned), but getting to that point could be a real nightmare.
  7. Useless, Who wants to play a game with the bezel in the middle of th crosshair?

    As for prejectos, they have overscan issues, would be like a virtual bezel lo.l.
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