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Looking for some opinions on how many gigabytes

I currently have 4GBs of DDR3 1333 RAM. I feel that this is inadequate, because I have two 480s in SLI, and a Phenom II Quad at 4ghz (SLI hack). I love to play demanding games like Crysis and Metro 2033. I was thinking of either adding 4GBs or 8GBs. I wanted to know what you guys think would be a good amount of RAM to have (8 or 12 gigabytes)?
Thanks in advance,

Full System specs:
AMD Phenom II x4 955 @4.0ghz
ASROCK Deluxe4
4GBs of DDR3 RAM
Two GTX 480s in SLI
1000w PSU
Antec DF-85
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  1. Hi.

    8GB+ are only necessary if you use many adobe applications at the same time, or WMVare, if you don't use that the 8G are a waste of money. Can you RMA the RAM and get some 1600 with low CL?, that's give you much better performance.
  2. Unfortunately, I can't RMA the RAM, as I've had it a while now. I do run a lot of things at once, like having many tabs open in Firefox (I work on websites occasionally), I do some video editing and occasionally use Photoshop. The 8GB set is about $30 more, do you think it would be worth it?
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    Well, if you don't need anything more is an option, and for the price is a good deal.
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  5. You don't say whether you are using a 32bit or 64bit OS. You would need the 64bit OS to access anything over 4GB.
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