Will my PSU be enough for this?

i need some help and opinions on a few things please.

i currently run a quad core gaming PC with a GTX260 core 216 version and am going to add another 260 for SLI.

my worry is, though is if my PSU is going to be able to power 2 of the cards without issue.

this is my PSU: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817341018&Tpk=ocz%20modxstream%20700w

it is SLI certified and has 86% efficiency under load.

here is my full system specs with all other connected devices:

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 - 2.83GHz
Asus P5N-D motherboard
Crucial Ballistix RAM DDR2-800 4GB
eVGA GTX260 Superclocked Core 216
1 DVD-RW ROM Drive on IDE
1 BD-ROM Drive on SATA
PCI TV Tuner Card
1 Case Fan, 1 CPU Fan

Nothing is, or ever will be overclocked
8 Active USB Ports:

Wired Mouse
Wireless Keyboard
USB headset/Mic
Xbox 360 Controller
External HDD (not always on)
USB Bluetooth Adapter.

So the ultiamte question is, is my PSU going to be able to handle all this, with the addition of another GTX260? it will be the same make/model as the one i have now. if not, what would be your recommendation for powering all this with ease?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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  1. I'm going to go with yes. You have a total of 46A available on your 12V rail. Its a bit close, but 40+ is all you need. You should be good.
  2. It should be enough.
    I have never used OCZ products, I hope OCZ doesn't lie about their PSU specs/ power rating.
    If you were using Corsair, Tagan, Silverstone, Antec, or any well known PSU brands, I can be 100% sure, that it is enough.
  3. OCZ lead the charge in quality PSUs with their 520W PSU several years ago. They usually are very good PSUs. They have had some duds over the years but its not usually a concern.
  4. That PSU should be enough.
    OCZ is one of good PSU brands... :)
  5. I've read some postings (sorry, no links; feel free to call bs, but I don't think I'm the only one) that say that OCZ has been cutting corners on quality in their consumer PSUs in some cases, particularly on the capacitors. I think you have enough headroom though, that provided you have good airflow through the PSU (e.g. it isn't fighting for its air against too many exhaust/not enough intake fans), you should be fine.
  6. Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated :).

    my PSU probably will be enough. what would you guys recommend as a possible upgrade for the future though? i am willling to spend maybe 120-150 on a quality PSU.

    and 1 more question: you reckon i will see a good performance gain with the 2nd 260 or is anything a bottleneck, like the CPU?

    thanks again
  7. Isn't the P5N-D that funny one? I'm trying to remember why people didn't like that board. Hopefully it was just an overclocking issue. You might want to make sure it scales properly in SLI.

    Other then that I don't see any issues.

    Jtt, I think they had problems with their gameXtreme line. Most of their other ones have been ok.
  8. the specs from asus on the P5N-D say it supports SLI x16 x16, so it should scale good.

    ive had issues upping my core 2 quad's speed, but im not that into overclocking so that isnt a huge concern for me
  9. Not what I meant. I'll look when I get home.
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