Some crazy Benchmark numbers, can these be right?

I have a crucial m4 128gb and 2 vertex4 128gb in raid0 and ran a few bench mark tests and they don't seem to be anywhere near what i'd expect. I have a clean install of win7, brand new asus p8z77 v-pro with latest bios, all updates and latest firmware for all 3 ssd drives. the crucial is on blue sata 6 plug while the vertex4's are on the intel sata6 controller. The M4 seems a bit low on both read/write however the vertex4's are crazy high in reads and crazy low in writes. any advice?

Read seq 377.3
4k 24.09
128k 230.45
seq 173.18
4k 55.19

Vertex4 raid0
read seq 4686.5
4k 1228.40
128k 4620.27
Write seq 89.92
4k 2.79
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  1. In Windows Explorer right-click the drive letter of your Vertex 4 RAID-0 array and
    select "Properties".

    If "Compress this drive to save disk space" is checked, that is why your benchmark results are crazy.
  2. now will that affect performance either way, or just benchmarking? it was checked and I am retesting now.
  3. Thank you that definitly helped,, posted a seq write speed of 830mb/s instead of 89mb/s, off to do more testing.
  4. Leave it unchecked. It decreases performance and endurance on SSDs.
    If you're hard-up for space move some programs to your M4 and/or get large capacity HDD for storage/backup.
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