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I think one of my sticks of memory died

Hello, my specs are below in my sig. I was taking out my giant Megahalems heatsink out and taking one of the fans off it because it was kind of pushing against one of the sticks of memory so I decided to take the fan off the right side so it's not blocking the memory and just using 1 fan.

I restarted my computer and only 4gb posted (I have 3x2gb ddr3 gskill memory modules) I thought maybe I put it in wrong but I didn't, so I tried swapping sticks into different slots and still only 4gb showed up, so I took out all 3 sticks and on one of them one of the sensor things isn't gold anymore.

it's kinda black so I am assuming that it's dead. I am curious how that might have happened.. I am booted up in windows right now with 2 sticks, will my performance in games be crippled by not having tripple channel memory? I haven't tested anything out yet because I want to find the best replacement stick now that ram is so cheap.

I am not able to add a 4gb stick to these dual 2gb sticks right? They all have to be the same size of memory, correct? They all have to be 2gb and the same speed? I am pretty sure that's the case but i'm not 100% certain. If so I would like to add a 4gb stick. Also I can only find the type of memory I have now in kits of 6gb because I am paranoid to mix different brands of memory, should I be concerned with that? I would really like to get a kit of 3x4gb but I would have these 2 sticks sitting around and they wouldn't sell for very much..

Can I get some help finding a stick of ram to replace this with? I want to make sure I order the right product.

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    What's memtest say ?

    If ones toast, call the manufacturer and try and buy a replacement single module....most resellers won't break up a set. Then again, the stuff is ridiculously cheap.

    $108 CAS 7
    $100 CAS 8
    $75 CAS 9
  2. Yea they are really cheap I cant believe it.. The only thing that is holding me back is having 2 sticks of ram sitting aside doing nothing, I have nobody who needs any memory and it's probably not worth enough to sell so maybe if I could find 1 stick of memory that atleast looks like the sticks I have with the tall heatsinks. Is it a bad idea to mix different brands of memory?
  3. RMA the bad stick. GSkill has a lifetime warrantee doesn't it?
  4. You should be able to RMA the stick or at least just replace it. Google the model number and/or the part number.
  5. I am able to replace it?? really?
  6. Here is the info, the part number and the number that was on the bottom of the sticker



    Then there was this:

    DDR3-1600 cl8-8-8-21 1.6-1.65 which is just the voltage and timings or whatever.

    Where can I go to rma this?
  7. So, were you looking for an answer or was this simply a "misery loves company" post?

    You said that it was GSkill ram, didn't you? go to the GSkill website to start the process.
    Try here:

    And I apologize for my initial remark..
  8. Yup, you should be able to get another stck from Gskill for free. They have a lifetime warranty. You will need a copy of your receipt or some kind of proof of purchase. If the memory came with your comp, proof of purchase of the comp will do, I guess.
  9. I ordered it from newegg, I don't have any physical paperwork.
  10. You should be able to login to your newegg account, and reprint your invoice. I know they have mine from 2005 still available.
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