Good time to build? ~1800$ enthusiast

Not asking for individual component advice---just want to know if now is a good time to build a new PC...

I have not been keeping up long-term with the tech lately so I don't know how much longer these things will stay on top. A quick run down of what I'm planning for:

Asus P6X58D (probably not goingt o be outdated anytime soon, usb3.0 and sata 6gb/s)

Core i7-930

6GB Mushkin DDR3 1333 @ 7-7-7-20

XFX ati 5850 standard (taken down from newegg)

OCZ Vertex Limited Edition 100GB SSD

Caviar Black 640GB 3gb/s

Windows 7 Home Premium

coming to about 1800


1) I suppose I'm really just concerned about the i7, is the i9 coming any time soon? is it WORTH it to buy this chip now?

2) Is there currently a large difference between the 6.0 sata and 3.0 western digital HDDs? I have read somewhere the difference isn't noticeable...but the 6.0gb/s drive is only 5 dollars more than the 3.0, worth the jump up?

3) Also, if anyone knows, the XFX part number is listed as xxxx-xxx-ZAFC, but when i go to compare on xfx's site, ZAFC doesn't even exist for 5850's. There IS a ZAFV, thinking it could be a typo? I tried emailing them but didn't get a response. Anyone know the difference between the ZAFC and the other standard editions? e.g. ZNFC//ZNF7//ZAFV?

I don't like the lack of descriptive differences between a 300+$ part!

Thanks everyone!!
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  1. 1.) Not really. Intel's already announced the next sockets.

    2.) Yes, but not because of the SATA III. The SATA III drives use 500 GB platters instead of smaller ones. It's still not advisable, as the Seagate 7200.12 and Samsung Spinpoint F3 are just as fast and between $30 and $40 cheaper.

    3.) No idea. But if you're looking at spending $1,800, you're looking at the HD 5970, not the 5850...
  2. When can we expect those chips to be released?

    and regarding #3, how so?

    I decided to go for the better hardware on aspects I don't usually upgrade, like the SSD, thinking that I'll be upgrading the video card next. I basically followed this link:

    look at the enthusiast extreme---changed the video card, used a better/newer SSD, came out 300 dollars cheaper--enough to at least put towards whatever next series video card within the next year and a half.
  3. 1) Yes... It is a good time to build (i7 980X [what was originally know as the i9], i7 930, i5 750 & Phenom II X6's ...) MadAdmiral stated about the new sockets in 2011 sometime but are you willing to wait? Remember, there is always something new coming out ever few months, so don't get in a cycle of waiting... You'll never buy.

    2) MadAdmiral covered it perfectly :)

    3) I would say it is a typo on Neweggs part... Most would recommend GPU power first than SSD, which is why MadAdmiral said 5970. I would add the SSD 2nd, unless you plan to Crossfire soon afterwards than your option has some merit.

    edit: fix some grammer issues :)
  4. xfire is a viable option but looking back the 5 and 4000's are only a year apart, with the 5000s out for half a year. My monitor is maxed at 1680 x 1050; I feel like a 5850 will serve me more than fine for now, wouldn't more power be more useful at higher resolutions?
  5. Yes... The 5850 is more than enough power at your resolution. The 5970 would be way overkill at your resolution.
  6. Agree. The 5770 would be a better choice for the resolution. If you get a Crossfire board, when you upgrade the monitor, you can drop in a second 5770 to maintain performance.
  7. why don't you use some of that $1800 for a new monitor?
  8. I have a 20.1" dell ultrasharp and the 24" is like 519...i dont know, I feel like things are fine at 20 inches and 500 bucks for 4 more inches seems too much to me. I think I spoiled myself with the ultrasharp when I got it because I dont want a bigger-but-lesser-quality screen.......

    although I am open to suggestions, anyone?
  9. 23 LG 1080P I bought last year was only 250$ and the quality on that was amazing! Use whatever you can save off the top and definitely get a monitor worth the graphics card.
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