Need help with SSD/HDD setup

So here are my system Specs:

I-5 2500k
ASRock Extreme 3 Gen 3 mobo
g.Skill Sniper 1333 8gb
Corsair GT 90GB
Samsung Spinpoint 1TB
Diamond 6950 2gb
Corsair H50
Samsung CD drive
Kingwin Lazer 850w

I am about ready to pull my hair out. My SSD wasn't recognized previously so I had it RMA'd. I just got the brand new one today and I figured all I would have to do is put it in and install Windows 7 again. Now all I have are headaches. Iinstalled it successfully and was able to download all of the updates and install virus protection. It was picking up the Spinpoint so I figured out I had to assign it a drive letter and that fixed that. I was able to see the data it previously had when my computer worked fine. After downloading all of the Windows updates I decided to download the drivers and software for my video card. I go and restart my computer and now all I get is an ugly Reboot screen. I have gone into BIOS and have double checked my boot order : SSD first (has Windows on it) then HDD, and both are being recognized and in AHCI mode. I have checked the cables 2x (the SSD is in SATA 3 0, HDD is in SATA 3 1) and since both are being recognized I figure everything is ok. I am going insane here since I've had to wait days for this SSD to come back and now it's causing all these issues. This is my first build, and everything worked fine for 6 months until my SSD crapped out and now I'm regretting ever buying one because of all the issues I'm having tonight. If someone can please help me I would really appreciate it.

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  1. It might not have anything to do with your SSD. You said your BSOD started after you installed your graphic card drivers? Uninstall the drivers and see if that helps.
  2. So you set all SATA controllers to ACHI?

    Also, try different plugging the SATA plugs into different ports.
  3. Sounds like your problem began after you installed your video card drivers. Are the BIOS settings correct for it? Can you access Safe Mode via F8 to see if uninstalling the GPU drivers helps?
  4. I cleaned the SSD and am now reinstalling it per these instructions:
    Everything so far is working fine, but now when I start my computer it goes straight to the BIOS screen, and i have to select "Discard changes and exit" for it to boot to Windows. Anyone ever have any issues like that?
  5. Nope, not on my end. Maybe you should clear the CMOS or reset it.
  6. Nor I.
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