Direct 2D means something in todays gaming??

What does the difference in Direct 2D mean............Is it favouring better gaming or better editing/animation purpose??

Tested using Tom2D Benchmark tool. Downloaded from here.
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  1. It just means that the second GPU is more powerful in handling 2D works as compared to the first one.. By the DB buffering results i am assuming that the onboard GPU unit is having a higher memory frame.. Anyways, its a yes for your question.. The 8600GT will perform better than the onboard 8300 ( in games especially ).. The benchmark is for 2D performance and thus the conclusions can be drawn keeping 2D in mind as the latter will give you a smoother desktop performance..
  2. 8600(8500GT+8300) could beat HD5870, HD5850,8800GTS, GTX275, HD4870X2, HD4850 and even a GTX295 in 'Direct Drawing'....... ?????

    Driver used: 197.13
    O.S: Vista Ultimate SP2 x86
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