Phenom II 925 vs 945

Hey all

I'm planning on buying a new CPU to use mostly for heavy gaming and watching movies. I was wondering if there is a mass difference between those 2 models and if there is a difference in cooling as one is cheaper than the other.

System Specs:

MSI K9A2VM-FD 780V Socket AM2+
Coolermaster 700W Power Supply
4 GB Geil RAM DDR2 800
XFX ATI 5770
Creative X FI Xtreme Gamer

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  1. The difference is one runs at 2.8GHz the other at 3.0GHz which makes the 945 about 7% faster.
  2. For movies, both CPUs are way more than enough. As for the gaming, with that video card, there will be no difference in games.
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