Can i run ps2 on 845 32 bit 512mb ram intel celeron pc

my pc 64mb video card does not support pixel shader
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  1. Are you asking if you can run PS2 games on your PC?
  2. im a little confused also :??:
  3. He's probably trying to run PCSX2...

    If you don't even have a SM3 compliant card, you have no chance of running PCSX2 at any reasonable speed anyways. Time for an upgrade, me thinks.
  4. I think that given its a 64mb card here that the op is refering to Pixel Shader 2.
    Can you please expand on what the issue is ?

  5. i'v tried running on more powerful pentium 4 650 ht 3.4 ghz, 3gb ram and 9600 gt . The results weren't playable . you need a fast dual core.
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