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Everytime I try to load a game a window pops up saying I need to download Java. I do that and try the game again and the same window keeps popping up. We have uninstalled and reinstalled over and over. We have even tried installing Java 6, said was complete and now it doesn't show up on the add ons. Also the Java icon does not show up on the task bar.
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  1. 1st verify there is a Java installation:
    1.Click Start
    2.Select Control Panel
    3.Click the Add/Remove Programs control panel icon
    4 See if there is a Java or JavaFX listing in the control panel icons.

    If there is:
    check DA14&orb=1
    to see if you see an orbit diagram for the asteroid, "2012 DA14", which is supposed to make a close encounter with Earth, Feb. 15th.
    If all you see is a chart, and no eliptical orbital cartoon picture, that will verify Java is not working, at least.

    Also, make sure you are not using the "No Addons" version of Internet Explorer.

    {Acutally, that link didn't paste right: just go to and near the bottom of the page, click on one of the blue links for any of the "Recent & Upcoming Earth-asteroid encounters:"} to see if all that shows up is a text chart (Java not working), or the actual "orbital diagram" (Java working).
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