Win 7, SSD and Partition

Win 7 64gb SSD with 54.72 Primary Partition and 4.9 Recovery Partition.

28gb used. 26gb free.

In order to take advantage of Garbage Collection and Trim do I need to create a separate partition for Garbage Collection or will the 26gb free space be used for trim and garbage collection?

54.72+4.9=59.6gb. What happened to the extra 4.4gb?
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  1. 64GB equal to = 64,000,000,000bytes according to manufacturers. Computer counts in 1024 so 64 x 10^9 /1024^3= 59.6GB
    Don't even bother partitioning, use this guide instead
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    Yes, don't ever do a partition on an SSD. Also, don't fill up your SSD too much, the garbage collection and TRIM won't be able to do it's job as much for keeping your SSD optimal.
  3. Better keep recovery partition at HDD if u had one...
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