[STILL NEED HELP]System keeps on restarting HELP PLEASE

lemme start off by saying i just downloaded pinnaple and after install it asked me for a restart and i pressed yes. after it restarted it goes to windows XP (loading page) and when its finished loading it restarts the pc. i have norton installed so its probably an undetected virus. also i am unable to go into safe mode or do last safe configuration it will just restart.

windows xp 32bit home edition
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More about still help system restarting please
  1. Try the Safe Mode with Networking option, and Restore the System.. also if you can logon in this mode, go online and do a virus scan.. type "online virus scan" on a search engine.

    Another option is uninstall the installed program and see if it start in normal mode, or do both; uninstall the program and scan online to remove possible malware the program may leave behind.
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