Can anyone recommend a case modding website for an Australia?

hey guys im soon going to be buying the Sr -2 MOBO and ive got a haf x case and didnt realise when i got it that the MOBO wouldnt fit "facepalm" so im in need of some good quality case mods to make this beast fit in the case :) , not really fussed about price or distance as long as its in australia :), PS can anyoine tell me if i can 4 way crossfire with the haf x case and this MOBO :)
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  1. BTW, what isn't fitting? Both the SR-2 and HAF X support the EATX format.

    Never mind, see below, I understand the width issue.

    What GPUs do have in mind? You can go 4-way, but need to have the PSU and cooling to support.
  2. You'd be better off selling the HAF X case on eBay or similar, and buying a case that dosn't require any modification, since price obviously isn't too much of a concern.

    (SR-2 / 4 Way Crossfire)

    Not an expert on these sized cases - but something along these lines;
  3. From The Overclockers' Club website:

    HAF X will not support EVGA Classified SR-2 because of non-standard width.

    That being said, I agree with Nerdbox87, you should sell/return the HAF X and get a case that can handle the SR-2.

    Also, what PSU are you planning on installing?

    BTW, check out this website. These guys build the case that was used for the MaximumPC Dream Machine 2010 that used your mobo. Info can be found here:,0

    -and here:
  4. thanks but i got the case like 3 monts ago and bought from pc case gear and im unsure if i can return XD, im using the ultra 1600 watt psu modular and im getting 4, GB 6970 gpus, its just some of the bigger cases like super towers ect cost exceeds of 400$ like the lian li armour suit its ridiculous so idk im looking for bigger cases but can anyone recommend a cheaper alt case, :) ty for quick response to prior questions
  5. Here is a link on EVGA's forums that list compatible cases:
  6. thanks, but really arent there like any sites you can have it modded, i kinda had other things in mind to be done to it too :/
  7. There may be, but finding one "down under" may be a challenge. Good luck!
  8. ahh well tyvm for the help and quick responses guys,
  9. Stay dry with your head above water! Hard to imagine the scale of flooding you guys are seeing.

    Be well.
  10. nah we'll live always do :) and yeh not sure if you heard tawoomba a small town got hit by an 8 m wall of water :S pre mucha land tsunami... but yes i manageds to find a private seller that will mod the case to accomadate everything thanks guys for the help :)
  11. Actually listened to a news report on Tawoomba while I was driving into my office, in teh snow, this morning. I grew up in an area of the US where flooding like Australia is fairly common (not on the same scale) so I am painfully aware of the damage that can be generated.

    Hopefully, on your case mod, the size difference between what your mobo requires vice what the case has is small enough to not require a major change. Seems to be a width issue more than anything else. Do you have an idea of how much space your modder will have to "create"?
  12. umm i htink only about like 2.5 " out of the 5.25" drive bay
  13. That is actually a lot to remove. I hope your guy is careful. Best wishes. HOOAH!!!
  14. tyvm mate, he has told me and shown me some examples he will be putting all the HDD's and the 5.25" bays on a vertical axis, so they fit with new mouldings ect for the the new hardware to fit in properly, coz he is a friend im getting it down cheap :) thanks and thats all guys,
  15. Post pix when your project is completed. It would be neat to see how it turns out.
  16. sure :)
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