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If I install only the driver sets posted on SONY's web site, will I restore
all the functions of the VAIO TR3 functions? Mainly the ZOOM IN/OUT feature,
along with Brightness control, Volume control, firewire, etc. Thanks.
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    Might want to read into these software /driver installation files a
    little further. Sonys good about having the drivers avail for
    download but somtimes you have to download specific files prior to
    the installation of a particular driver. There usually all there just
    have to read it thoroughly. I love the sony notebooks. (aside from
    the flaws theyve had in the past) If you still have the OS installed
    backup all the info you can using Ghost or a similar util. This way
    at least you can go back.
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    I have a TR1 but didn't try to install without recovery disk so far.

    But I know that there's a folder named Drivers on the original and
    recovery Disk made System. Looks pretty complete to me.

    A friend of mine switched his SONY VGN A Series one from XP Home
    Edition to XP Professional a few days ago. He made it to get all
    features including Volume and Function Keys.

    Burn a CD with your Drivers folder on it and a DVD with a complete
    System Backup with Ghost or something like that .
    Then you should be on the safe side. I takes some time and sweat
    though. Access to internet is helpful. Sony has all drivers for
    registered users (VAIO owners).
    Your recovery disk has a program section with utilities like the
    webcam network smart capture.
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