Does the intel core i7 860 processor fan come with Thermal compound on it alread

Just in case later on I wish to do some overclocking would it be best for me to add Thermal paste to the already three stripe gray paste on the Intel fan?
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  1. Hello Mrcollegeman;

    That gray stripe is the thermal compound. After you install the cooler it will 'melt' and flow to where it's needed.

    If you wanted to add after market thermal compound you'd need to clean off that gray compound on the heat sink and then apply the new thermal compound to the CPU according to the application instructions.
  2. And do not forget that applying too much will have a detrimental effect to cooling.
  3. I recommend buying an aftermarket heatsink / fan if you are gonna do any OC'ing.

    Of course you can try simply using the default HSF, just monitor your temps. If too high, then lower your OC. If still too high, then buy a new HSF.
  4. Yup, TIM already in place on stock cooler, but honestly, £5 to replace stock TIM is worth it, so is replacing the Stock Cooler with a decent aftermarket solution, for cooler quieter running especially if you wish to OC..

    Stock coolers are not for OC
  5. I'll second that opinion... See the section "Lessons Learned" on building a Core i7-860 at

    I went with a Cooler Master Hyper 212 and am now running comfortably at about 3.6 GHz. KB
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