Galaxy GTX 260 Tri-fan Problem

Hi All,
First post, Big Problem!
Brother in-law got a Galaxy GTX260 Tri-Fan 6 months ago (therebouts) , I installed it, closed the case
never thought nothing of it, installed drivers etc, works GREAT, and still does!!
took off the side for a major upgrade found Fans dont turns and with amount of dust on everything else looks like they never have...EVER!!

tried the following
*Drivers - both N-vidia and Galaxy
*Extreme Tuner (galaxy's clocking program) tried manually incresing speeds - no luck
Additionally with the GPU temp was 46 Degrees, so we overclocked, and ran max everything on Modernwarfare 2, Highest temp got was 72 Degrees, still no Fans on
*Upgraded PSU to Antec CP-1000 (needed new anyway) - no
*Plugged fans into SYS_FAN on M/B, They work fine!!!

Any suggestions?
Maybe Flash card BIOS? i dont know how etc but im wondering if i even bother or just keep runnig on SYS_FAN 3 wire plug, or there is a 4 wire plug, but i dont thing gpu's need reverse?

overall new specs just upgraded to now
GA-X58A-UD7, Corsair 1866 Mhz C8, I7 930, A1200 Case, CP-1000 PSU,
And ofcoarse our problem GTX260
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  1. Well, are you sure the fans aren't working? For passive cooling, 42C idle and 72C load is actually better than average of a GTX 260 with a standard one fan cooler. If the fans don't work, I wouldn't really worry about it if it's still cool. If you do mind though, I'd just RMA it.
  2. RMA???
    very sure not working!!
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