Asus P7P55D PRO and GTX 260 Core 216's and a 8600GTSfor PhysX

Okay so I'm getting ready to upgrade my systems Graphics Card. I'm Currently Running a 8600GTS which honestly is a piece of crap. I'm looking at buying two GTX 260's core 216 from evga, one stock and one factory overclocked... I have an ASUS P7P55D Pro mobo and it has three pci-e x16 slots which run at x8 x8 and then the last one is x4. So for my ultimate question is if I put the 8600GTS in the third slot for physx am i still going to get x8 x8/and or aperformance lose for my GTX 260's... Also im wondering if anyone has any other suggestions, I'm buying the gtx 260's for $230 ish and that's about my price cap, help me out never really messed with multi-gpu configs before... and is mixing the core speeds ok? and i would want a 2 way SLI bridge right?

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  1. THG's April GFX card roundup gives the "Best PCIe Card For ~$210-$230" to twin GTS 250's or 4850's so if you can get twin 260's for $230, that's a steal.....though mixing and matching vendors and speeds results in ..... at best ...... both cards defaulting to the lower speed.

    Your bridge should be in youre MoBo box.
  2. Quote:
    Why in the world would you get two cards, why old cards, and why would you not consider getting a 5800 series card 4 the same price as 2 gtx 260s??????

    I have considered a gtx 470, not a big ATI catalyst fan... but this is a steal. oh and they are the same brands, evga. Do you have any idea on the lane bandwidth question i have?
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