Cheap Server Cluster

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: this week (the closer the better)) BUDGET RANGE: 300-400 After Rebates

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: nexus 1000v, file sharing(but not a big deal)

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Just want best bang for the buck, COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:United States





ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: My dad wants a cheap server cluster of 2 servers. He wants to spend as little money as possible. This is mostly for nexus 1000v. He was looking at cheap servers on and i told him we should look on tom's hardware to see how much it would cost to build basicly i just want to know is it worth it to build, or buy a old technology from

P.S. I know next to nothing about servers. I don't know what i am doing at all. So i need as much help as possible.
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  1. I'm not sure what your dad is trying to accomplish. I guess if he wants to play with the nexus 1000v software, that's fine, but it's not really all that useful in a home network. I assume he'll be setting this up at home?

    What OS is going to be run? You can use regular desktop hardware for a server, drivers can be a hassle sometimes. That's probably where you need to do a little more research.
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    Ouch, 300-400 isnt going to get you a vmware lab but here goes:

    Any MB that supports virtualization will suffice. The i7 series is great for VMware labs. Hyperthreading allows for many additionals VM's. I would recommend he build one good i7 rig, and then run a NAS emulator as well as VMware workstation to facilitate multiple ESX servers. 8GB RAM is a start, 16GB is optimal.
  3. @goatswordi know it is very little money, its just because he was looking at the cheap old servers at I can probably get more from him. @calinkula he is setting up at home. He wants to learn more about it because thats what there doing at his work.He is a contractor. Not sure about os.
  4. You won't find anything for that little money for 2 servers. The best you can do is a couple of early generation dual core PCs or P4s. And this is not counting any software you need to buy. Plus you need the networking for it, unless you already have a switch and cables.
  5. i think he has the witch and cables. he has so much in his office there is no way he couldn't. I talked to him and he said he was just doing a free 60 day trial to figure out how it works. So this is what i suggested to him. Tell me if it will work.

    remember he wanted cheap

    Sony Optiarc 24X DVD/CD Rewritable Drive Black SATA Model AD-7240S-0B - OEM
    Item #: N82E16827118030
    Return Policy: Standard Return Policy
    Protect Your Investment (expand for options)

    SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD502HJ 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive
    Item #: N82E16822152181
    Return Policy: Standard Return Policy
    Protect Your Investment (expand for options)

    A-DATA Gaming Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333G (PC3 10666) Desktop Memory Model AX3U1333GB2G8-2G
    Item #: N82E16820211410
    Return Policy: Standard Return Policy

    Antec Sonata Elite Black 0.8mm cold rolled steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
    Item #: N82E16811129057
    Return Policy: Limited Replacement Only Return Policy
    Antec earthwatts EA500 500W Continuous Power ATX12V v2.2 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC "Compatible with Core i7/Core i5" ...
    Item #: N82E16817371007
    Return Policy: Standard Return Policy
    Protect Your Investment (expand for options)
    -$40.00 Instant
    -$15.00 Combo

    AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Deneb 3.2GHz Socket AM3 125W Quad-Core Processor Model HDZ955FBGMBOX
    Item #: N82E16819103808
    Return Policy: CPU Replacement Only Return Policy
    Protect Your Investment (expand for options)
    GIGABYTE GA-MA785GM-US2H AM3/AM2+/AM2 AMD 785G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
    Item #: N82E16813128394
    Return Policy: Standard Return Policy
    Protect Your Investment (expand for options)

    Grand Total: $536.74

    he doesn't need vid card because he wants it cheap. Basicly his old computer is outdated and what he thinks he need is a server, but i think he needs a new computer.
  6. ^ he's gonna have fun without a mobo there.
  7. there is a mobo. Comboed with 955 Gigabyte GA-MA785Gm-US2H AM3/AM2+/AM2 AMD 785G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
  8. Ah, ok.
  9. but what do you think of the build? will it work for a 60 day trial of nexus 1000v? also will integrated graphics be okay? if not thinking of this

    Qty. Product Description Savings Total Price

    HIS H545H512 Radeon HD 5450 (Cedar) 512MB 64-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready Low Profile Ready Video Card
    Item #: N82E16814161321
    Return Policy: Standard Return Policy
    Protect Your Investment (expand for options)
    -$11.00 Instant
    Subtotal: $48.99
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    Zip Code: GO
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  10. ^ Of server apps, Intergrated is A-OK.
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