[Solved] Computer won't boot after ATI FirePro V5700 install

I have an HP dc5700 computer with a 500w antec power supply. I installed the FirePro V5700 and when I start the machine everything powers up then the computer beeps and won't boot.

The card doesn't take a seperate power connection (like a six pin for the V7750) so I thought it would get enough power through the PCI from the upgraded Antec.

Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I solved my own issue.

    So, I downloaded the technical specifications and went to the expansion slot drawing. It points at what I thought was the PCI x16 slot and it says the following:

    NOTE The dc5700 platform only supports the use of normal (or non-reversed) layout ADD2 (Advanced Digital Display 2) adapter cards inserted into the SDVO (Serial Digital Video Output) connector on the platform's system board. ADD2 cards are used to give multi-monitor capabilities to the integrated graphics controller. The ADD2/SDVO connector on the system board has the physical appearance of a PCI Express x16 connector; however, the platform does NOT support the use of conventional PCI Express cards or reversed-layout ADD2 cards.

    Obviously it is a no go:(

    Thanks for at least viewing this apparently dumb question!
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