Bsod ultimate solution......(Casemod)

**Edit, photobucket killed my links, only one I can find now is the one shown, sorry :(

You'd love to would'nt you? just that once when your mid game, the pc has its funny moments and your fragile mind just snaps and grabs whatevers to hand......................

I swear officer, It asked for it......

caught a vital fan on the way in :P

oh thats gonna sting in the morning...

Slash doesnt care about carnage, because He's normally responsible for it :)

Answers to questions I expect to get:

Yes, They are real weapons, Battle ready and capable of lethal force.
Yes, I know how to use them.
Yes, My pc works fine (if a little nervously now :P )
No, I will not come over and 'fix' yours so mommy can buy you a new one.

So, after a random chat with some lads at work, This is my latest case mod, what do you think??

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  1. Most people just kick it or throw it of the balcony (optional)!
  2. hehe I dont have a balcony unfortunately, but it IS right by a window, just to remind it to behave hehe :P
  3. That's ridiculous lol.
  4. The case mod is nice... However, I would much rather see River as your background :)

    Go Brown Coats!!
  5. Wow this is simply awesome. And that fan is an amazing idea.
  6. umm.. interesting?

    actually pretty sweet :D

    *ahem* I'm not stalking you......
  7. I blame mini Slash and his mini amps.
  8. tecmo34 said:
    The case mod is nice... However, I would much rather see River as your background :)

    Go Brown Coats!!

    Yeah, My Gf does want Rivers weapons :P
    Although she stresses most vehemently, NOT through her pc :P

    Moto: My pc's hurting plenty, but she'll run true enough
    Zoe: Its not much
    Moto: Its enough........

    up the Browncoats :)
  9. WTF That must of been the fastest MOD you ever done,lol
  10. I had all night at work to plan it out, and roughly measured clearances for psu ( The axe is'nt buried in it, its nicely slotted down the side) and centre fan, I didnt want the sword blade anywhere too close to components but as its bare metal to several points on the case, I believe it will be grounded enough :)
    actual modding took about 20 minutes though.
  11. Mark Heath said:
    umm.. interesting?

    actually pretty sweet :D

    *ahem* I'm not stalking you......

    Yeah I trust your not stalking me..... NOT lol
  12. Sweet man but as i said that must of been the fastest mod you ever did ha ha ha ha
  13. Yeah, once I have planned the idea out, its good to get it off the ground asap b4 I think of another thing to do hehe :P
  14. Shameless bump :P
  15. would that work with a hammer? :) i like it!
  16. also: did you remove the hdd temporarily so it didnt get shocked? or did u do it while the pc was on :) i could imagine that fan spinning while getting shanked! :lol:
  17. I dont see any reason why a hammer wouldn't work in this application,
    I'd recommend a clawhammer though, nice visual and pretty easy to place
    I didnt remove anything other than the Old roof panel,
    Pc was off when modding :P
    Pre holed the axe placement (wiggled it further into place once panel was fitted on pc) and the sword dropped in nicely where 2 screwholes from the fans were, (bit more wiggling to place)
    Put this Roof panel onto pc and fixed with flathead screws where the old rivets were,
    hardest part was cause the roof panels a touch deformed, pc had to go on its side to get side panel on right, then I took the other side off, fed the fan though the very small gap by drivecage, and skewered it on the sword as I fed that into place, and resting it against the psu, it does look like I just rammed the sword through and caught a fan on the way in though, i'm happy with it as a spur of the moment type Mod :)
    Glad you like it man
  18. Ingenuity at its best. :D
    I must congratulate you at the airflow improvements, with the wing like design of the sword... It must help with turbolences, right'

    Well, when I was putting a 8800GT into a microATX housing... Let's just say it beared the scars.

    To be more precise, the psu was sticking out on top, and the dvd drive had to become "external sata drive". And yeah, the hacksaw was involved.
  19. Cool :P Hacksaws are often overlooked imo, handy little blighters at times
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