High end new p67 mobo question

hello guys,

I'd like to know if there is a good p67 mobo out there that would benefit dual graphics cards..

I currently have a 6970 and id like to upgrade and get another 6970 for a dual graphics set up...

But after reading from a few places, It says the 2nd card will run at 8x not 16x, not sure what this means.. but is it worth it getting

a 2nd card... Or should i just get a x58 board?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    The difference between dual x8 and x16 isn't noticeable in almost all games and resolutions, so don't worry and go with 2 6970s.
  2. oh ok.. im fairly new to modding pcs... so excuse my newbiness lol... The salesman at one of the pc stores i go to said x8 performance is basically half the performance you will get from a 16x.. so yea
  3. No problem at all :) feel free to ask your questions.
    x8 runs at half speed but it will give you roughly the same performance(in dual GPU mode),check this review
    This is a fairly old review but will give you the general idea about SLI/CF performance with different speeds.
    Also,note that the gap becomes even shorter in PCI-E 2.0 cards/motherboards.
  4. Also to note PCIe got bumped up so 8x 2.0 is the same speed as the 16x 1.0 Especially with sandy bridge as it now has the full PCIe 2.0 specs. two vid cards running at 8x is fine.
  5. Unless you are running Multiple Monitors or one really huge one then x8/x8 is fine on a single monitor, where 'saturation' starts with x8 is when your resolution is very high: (1920 x2) x 1080 Dual = 3840 X 1080, or (1920 x3) x 1080 Triple = 5760 X 1080, or large 2560 X 1600 single monitors.

    Yes, x16 is indeed twice as fast as x8. IF your plan is the run one of the above configurations then I would probably go either with an X58 with x16/x16; in particular 5760 X 1080.

    Someone will argue the point, but I've seen the saturation data so post me some that contradict what I said i.e. prove it. Otherwise wait a few months for the 8-core X68; P67 are stuck at 4-cores.
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