Radeon HD 4850 OC 1GB on Dell 350W PSU

Hello everyone,

I was recently given a Dell XPS Studio 8100 (my parents’ hobby of entering every competition known to man finally paid off!) with the below specs:

Intel® Core i7 860
1TB 7200 RPM
350W PSU
GT220 1GB

The obvious weak links in an otherwise decent machine are the pathetic GT 220 and low PSU. I am hoping to upgrade to this Radeon HD 4850 IGB OC:


Do you think it will run on 350W? I have read that Dell PSUs are well made and can handle more than their stated wattage. I also read that there is only one 6 pin connector available for the GPU when this card needs two. Are there any adaptors that I could get to solve this?

Here is a photo of the PSU:


And do you think I will have trouble squeezing it in? Dell doesn’t seem to want people to upgrade considering the limited space:


I will greatly appreciate any help that anyone can give. I am a complete novice at all of this! Hopefully my computer doesn't end up a smoking charred mess by the end of my tinkering.

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  1. It would be pushing it with that PSU it has about 25amps on the +12 volt rail. It is at least rated on continuous power so it might work but not recommended.
  2. Thanks for your answer.

    I am going to go with a 5770 as someone in another topic said that it has a lower power consumption than the 4850 and so should work on a quality 350w PSU.
  3. UPDATE:

    Bought the below 5770 and, apart from a little wriggling, it fit into my case without any trouble. After a few weeks it is still running fine, even with games like Crysis at max settings for several hours at a time.

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