AMD Athlon XP 2600+ Temp Sensor?

I seem to be unable to read the temp on my Athlon CPU. Speedfan doesn't display it, SIW and Coretemp just come up with question marks. Everything else displays fine though (GPU and other temps). Its like my computer is unaware that I have a processor with a sensor on it. Do I need drivers or something?

I'm using an MSI MS-6570 mobo. Thanks
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  1. Did you check in bios?
  2. Yes, I did, and it does display a temp, but I want to monitor the temp while its under load in Windows.
  3. Well at least if it shows in bios then the censor is working I am surprised if MSI Core center does not pick it up.
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    Give Sensor View Pro a try. I tried the newest 4.1 version on my Athlon 2400+ system and xp and it wouldn't load. So I tried the older 3.2 version and it works. On both my Athlon systems, one running XP and the second Vista.

    Download here....
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  6. Hey thanks a lot! Program works great. Finally something that recognizes my CPU.
  7. Good to hear that it worked for you. I had a similar issue with my old Soyo motherboards. One thing I didn't mention was that the program is a shareware program and will work for only 14 days, unless you register it for 24.95 .

    Anyway, it'll give you an idea what temps your running if you trying to OC some more or something.
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