New power supply or supplementary one?

Hi! So here's my situation. Recently, I was looking for an upgrade for my Radeon 4830 on newegg and I found something pretty interesting:
With shipping and taxes, this Gigabyte Radeon 5830 costs CAD$233 which is 23$ more than the total price for the Gigabyte Radeon 5770 OC ( I found this an interesting value and that's why I chose the 5830 instead of the 5770.

But there is something else. Even if I choose the 5770 over the 5830, I would have to change my power supply one day and I'm tight on budget. Here are the specs of my power supply:
Acepower 450w | 3.3v: 30a | 5v: 31a | 12v: 30a | I don't know it's efficiency, but I'm pretty sure it's around 78-82%.
I paid it 60$, so I suppose it is a real 450w or even better.

So I came with an idea. I could add a 450w fsp booster 5 supplementary power supply for $75( ) just for the graphics card in a DVD-Drive bay instead of buying a new power supply that would cost more than that and removing the one I have. My case is a Cooler Master Storm Scout, so there would be no problem with heat. I had also the Corsair 750w in mind: ( ), but like I said before, I'm tight on budget. I think my power supply with the supplementary one would be a great value, because I would have enough power for almost anything in the future (850-900w in total, which is more than the corsair) and it would cost less than a brand new power supply that could run the radeon 5830 and any future builds. So, I would like to know your opinion on all that and what you would choose if you were me.

For links, I'm from Canada, so please use or any other site that can ship to Canada with good prices.

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  1. Get a new PSU instead of a supplementary PSU. Your current PSU would do fine with a HD5770 but be marginal with Hd5830.
  2. About this power supply, I looked at it too, but I know it will not be enough if one day I want to crossfire 5770's or even 5830's. I want something future proof, something that will be running for 2-3 years.
  3. A TX750 corsair would meet that need and I think it would be worth the price premium over the supplementary unit.
  4. I've thinking a while during lunch and I came to the point that the day I will have 2 5830 in crossfire and a crossfire motherboard, I'll probably have the cash for a reliable power supply. So, I think I will go with the one you suggested before, the 550w OCZ Fatal1ty (it matches with my case :D ) It will be sufficent for a 5830 and x2 5770. I know it looks weird that I come back on my decision like that, but that's the cheapest solution and it will give enough juice for a 5830.
  5. ok thats fine i guess...but if you just buy the good one now, its cheaper than buying a mediocre one now and a good one later...but yes i understand the budget this :)
  6. Your 5830 will require a 500w psu with two 6 pin pci-e connectors. (600w and 4 connectors for crossfire)

    I don't think your current psu will handle a single 5830.

    I would suggest a good unit up front that will save you in the long run. How about the XFX 650w modular unit for $100 after rebate.
  7. Wow! That surely looks like a very nice power supply for the price plus the rebate. But do you think it will run x2 5830?
  8. ibanez1337 said:
    Wow! That surely looks like a very nice power supply for the price plus the rebate. But do you think it will run x2 5830?

    ADS's published requirements says it will :
  9. A 5830 only needs about 8 amps. If the present PSU is not a total piece of junk, it will handle a single 4830.

    I would also avoid the OCZ PSU. I am pretty certain that OCZ currently markets 4 PSU lines. One is pretty good. One is OK. And the other two are excessively so-so. Unfortunately, I cannot remember which is which; I'm old. :)
  10. So here are the contenders:
    - Good 450w power supply I have + FSP Booster x5 450w:
    - Can probably run a Crossfire of 5830's
    - Main PSU has a Single 12v rail @ 30A, FSP Booster x5 has a Single 12v rail @ 37.5A
    - $90 (shipping + taxes)
    - $313 /w Gigabyte Radeon 5830 (shipping + taxes)

    - Corsair 750TX 750w:
    - Can run a crossfire of 5830's
    - Single 12v rail @ 60A
    - $115 (shipping + taxes) + $10 mail-in rebate
    - $346 /w Gigabyte Radeon 5830 (shipping+taxes) + $10 mail-in rebate

    - XFX P1-650X 650w:
    - Can run a crossfire of 5830's
    - Single 12v rail @ 55A
    - Modular
    - $140 (shipping + taxes) + $20 mail-in rebate
    - $363 /w Gigabyte Radeon 5830 (shipping + taxes) + $20 mail-in rebate

    - OCZ Fatal1ty 550w:
    - Can run one 5830, maybe a crossfire
    - Two 12v rails @ 25A both
    - Modular
    - $82 (shipping+taxes) + $15 mail-in rebate
    - $314 /w Gigabyte 5830 (shipping + taxes) + $15 mail-in rebate

    My build:
    - AMD Phenom II x4 945
    - ATI Radeon 4830 (will change for Radeon 5830)
    - Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P motherboard
    - 4gb 1333Mhz DDR3 Memory
    - Seagate Barracuda 500gb
    - LG DVD-RW
    - Cooler Master Storm Scout /w 3 fans (x2 LED 120mm + x1 140mm)
    - Acepower 450w PSU (Single 12v rail @ 30A)

    So, which power supply should I finally take? Which one would have the best value while being good for years if I want to upgrade my rig in the future? And should I buy the graphics card or the power supply first or both at the same time?
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    If you want the psu to allow for upgrading to crossfire 5830 in the future, then I would pick either the XFX unit or Corsair. Both are very good.

    The OCZ does not have the required 4 pcie-6 pin connectors required by dual 5830 cards or the 600w recommended by amd. It might work with adapters, but why cut it close for a small difference.

    If your budget is firm, the FSP booster is an interesting alternative. I don't much like it because it takes up an external bay, and the small fan figures to be noisy.

    The XFX is bronze certified efficient>85% which I like, and is modular.
    The Corsair is also good if the price difference is important to you.

    With either of these choices, you may also recover some of your costs by marketing your old psu.
  12. I think I will definitely choose the XFX power supply depending on the amount of the next pay I'll get. I find the modular cables interesting and my comp will look clean and will have a better airflow.

    If I can't afford it, I'll get the Corsair 750w. It is a bit less expensive and can give enough power for future builds, but is not modular.

    And if finally I get a bunch of pennies, I'll buy the FSP Booster X5. It looks like an amazing product and concerning the noise from the fans, my computer is on the floor and I can barely hear the case fans at max load, so it won't be an issue.

    For the OCZ Fatal1ty, if people say it is not a good and reliable power supply brand, I won't take it.
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