New mother board no sound. Please help

Hello... So I just built a pretty awesome computer (for the price) the only problem is the front headphone jack/microphone jack doesnt work (the backside one does). I do not care about the microphone, but the headphone is another story. My mobo has a audio input, the case has two wires HD audio, and C97. Both fit in this little plug, but as the mobo has HD audio it I put the HD one in. Well when I plug it in it recognizes headphones are in. The sound though is piss poor. It is about 25% on the left ear and 5% on right, and this is on full volume. I have tried C97 to no avail. I have messed with a lot of internal settings but it is hard as this is my first build.

Windows 7
MSI 785GT-E63
Diablotek EVO Mid Tower ATX Case

TL;DR New computer doesn't have sound output.. help!
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  1. if you have external speaker dont forget to redirect you headphone,did you have the latest driver for the audio chipset.the hd setting could be change in bios for ac 97
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