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I bought an MSI graphics card for my Inspiron 530S (slim). The low profile bracket that comes with it has an indentation in the short/top end of the bracket. The bracket that came out of my case is flat with no indentation. The indentation does not allow the bracket to lay flat and therefore I can't close the case. The bracket I am using has both HDMI and DVI openings. Does anyone know where I can get a DVI/HDMI low profile bracket that is flat? I did research and the card I bought is for my computer.
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  1. Can you remove the bracket from the card and "remove" the indentation? That would be a free fix, and it would fit your card's output layout.
  2. Are you saying grind ro sand it down?
  3. Yes, or bend it if possible (no idea what is necessary without seeing it).

    Could also send an email to the manufacturer and see what they say.
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