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Does anyone know why my PC turns itself off. You can be using it just fine when without warning it just turns off like the power has been cut. I initially thought it was the power supply so have just installed one but it still does it?

Corsair 550 W VX Power supply

Intel core 2 6700 @2.67GHZ

2 x 1GB PC2 7200 OCZ Ram

Nforce 680 SLi Motherboard

Nvidia Geforce 8800GTX

Creative SB X-Fi

2 X 320GB HDD


I have downloaded a program called Real Temp GT and noticed that when I run lots of programmes the CPU heats up really quickly and gets up to 99 degrees, but just using the PC normally it sits at about 65 degrees.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Hi,
    Thats a high idle temp you got there man,
    do you have any fans in there other than the cpu fan?
    how old is the system?
    did you mount the heatsink yourself?
    I'm leaning towards your chip is overheating and the pc shuts down to protect itself :P but would like a little more info
  2. Hiya,

    1 x Front chassis fan, 1 x Rear chassis fan, 1 x Nforce fan. I have recently cleaned it all out and got rid of all the dust. I have also remounted the heat sink on the CPU. I didnt have any lube to put between the heatsink and CPU so I just cleaned the surfaces with nail varnish remover.

  3. Get some thermal compound and see if that helps you out.
  4. aah, yes, you've cleaned off the old thermal paste, +1 point for good behaviour,
    you didn't apply new thermal paste before reseating the hs, Detention for a month!!

    Well, we now have the most likely culprit for your temps, plan of attack now is,


    go buy thermal compound, decent branded stuff,not 10c from the corner shop :P watch vids on how to apply watch a few to get a good idea of the process, read threads on here to the same effect
    Read your pastes instructions, understand them, is it conductive? whats the curing time? things like that
    put your newfound knowledge into practice,
    love your new cooler temps :P
    Hope this helps man
  5. Just wanted to say thanks for all the help. I bought some Arctic silver thermal paste and applied it as per instructions to the CPU and the results were amazing, an instant decrease in temps. It now runs at about 45degrees idle and the maximum I now see is 65 degrees.

    I then started looking at the GPU temps and again that runs hot 75 - 80 at idle and 100 under load. I took the card apart and done the same but it's only made a slight difference.

    I also pulled the motherboard out to unclip the nforce chip and gave it the same treatment.

    All of the original compound on the CPU, GPU, nforce chips were all really dry and powdery. Does the thermal paste have a shelf life. My PC is about 4 years old now and I was surprised how crap the original paste was
  6. *Edit* Also your Gfx will usually run at a higher temp, its working hard to give you shiny pictures :P*
    Same as everything, it wears and degrades over time,
    especially if you consider you constantly heat/cool it quite rapidly, and thats before you overclock which obviously just increases the effects,
    Original paste wasn't so much crap as old and used,
    Glad to hear you had a success story with the whole thing in the end though :)
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