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I recently bought a full tower case where you have to put the psu on the bottom. The psu fan faces upward. There is a bracket that goes over the top of the psu to hold it in place. It covers the middle of the fan. So about 1/4 of the fan is covered by this bracket. Is this okay or do I have to turn the psu upside down?
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  1. It's certainly not optimal. Could be a big issue with some PSUs. What case and what PSU?
  2. You won't need to use the strap. The PSU will be very secure with the brackets and screws.

    That's probably an OK ATNG-built PSU, but it's never been properly reviewed or tested. Best let it have all the air you can ;)
  3. Okay. Thank you
  4. Looks like the screws only holds the bracket in place just over the back of the PSU.
    The PSU just sits in the cradle. Should I turn it upside down then use the bracket?
    Please see pics below.
  5. Rotate that rear bracket 180 degrees and the screw holes should match up. That is why it is separate... so that the PSU can be screwed in either way.

    Having the fan facing up with no obstruction would be optimal. Facing down might be OK. That's not a lot of space though for air flow. Would be better if the case had some vent holes directly under.
  6. Okay, so the screws only line up on the top. Please see below.
    This should be secure enough you think?
  7. :lol:

    Take the bracket off again.

    Hold it before you exactly like you see it in the last photo.

    Flip it over from right to left, as if it was the first page in a book. The side that was facing us in the photo should now be facing away, towards the PSU.

    The bottom screws will now line up :)

    Your not the most mechanically-minded person I think :)
  8. Oh yeah, lol.

    "Your not the most mechanically-minded person I think"
    I guess not, I feel pretty stupid now.
    I'm not home but I can see what you mean. I will change it when I get home.

    Thanks again.
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