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Hello,my old graphics card died on me a few days ago and I have no idea what card would be compatibvle for my Asus P4C800-E Deluxe motherboard which does have an AGP slot. I have 1gb of memory DDR400 Dimm PC3200. I would like to upgrade to Windows 7 if that would be possible on my motherboard, if not then a graphics card with minimum 256mb memory. I need to get a new graphics card immediately as my daughter is getting really annoyed with me as I keep using her laptop. lol Please help me. Kind regards SD
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  1. I'd pick one up on ebay cheap. If your graphics card died and you want to go to Windows 7, it really sounds like a good time for a new system. Just my opinion.

    That is an old 478 P4 motherboard and running windows 7 might be a bit of a challenge on an older system.
  2. the Radeon HD 3850 AGP is the best AGP card still available. You should be able to pick a new one up in online stores.

    have one my self, and it runs games like fallout3 pretty good, but newer and more demanding titles (like Farcry2) it is that great.
  3. Something cheap would probably be the way to go. Depending on your PSU you would probably have trouble running the 3850 anyway as it takes quite a bit of power.
    What GPU did you have before and what size/res is your monitor ? Also what games are you looking at playing.

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