Bad memory causing blue screen of death?

I think I have this resolved but need confirmation. Yesterday after a fresh OS install, new mothboard TA890FXE, new ram 2x2GB kingston hyperx 1800 oc possible and 2x2GB corsair 1600 gaming oc possible rated per manufacturer. Anyways I was getting blue screens of death out of the blue yesterday after two days of running rock solid. I thought initially somehow it was a bad driver so I reformatted my raid array and started over, but when I got into the windows install half way through it would error out, and it did it again the 2nd time, so this time I was thinking bad memory, but how corsair and kingston are generally accepted as great in the enthusiast community. So when I ran memtest86 at 1333 and 1600 on dct0 and dct1 still i got error in test 5 a bunch of them. In my motherboard the ram channels were this A1,B1 (RED) A2,B2(WHITE). I had the dimms installed as A1 and B1 = Corsair and A2 and B2 = kingston hyper x. So I changed the ram dimms to A1 and A2 = corsair and B1 and B2 = Kingston. I still get dual channel because all are running at the same speed and are the same density and what I did no longer causes memtest86 to error out in any of the test. My question to the community is, is this logical or am I on the verge of more Blue Screens of Death due to a faulty memory stick?
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  1. well the system still hangs, had to take the kingston out, they were clocked at the same speeds thats just how they were rated both were at 1333, I just have my corsair in right now clocked at 800mhz (1600) and I let it run for hours in memtest86 and it was fine, no error or blue screens now, I probably of should of let the test go longer than 20 minutes last time. Im going to best buy to swap back out to the corsair so ill be running 4x2gb corsair
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