Gaming mother board + processor under 11000 RS


I am planning to upgrade my current system.

current config:
core 2 duo 2.8 ghz,
xfx630i mobo,
transcend ddr2 4gb@ 800mhz,
xfx 8800gt alpha dog 512 ddr3
acer 22"

i use my system just for movies and games,

for now just wanted to upgrade my motherboard and processor. and my budget limit is 11000 rs at max.

please suggest.
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  1. RS is? Can you maybe provide a country of origin and website in that country that ship to you?
  2. RS - rupees(india- hyderabad). and about the sites i never did online shopping for computer spares...:-(
  3. Then it seems you ae more knowledgeable of your local available parts than I would be.

    If you can get a website that is in India I'd be happy to poke around and try to meet your needs.
  4. Hi! I'm also an Indian. So let me help you out :)

    Please answer some questions for me...

    Which Power supply do you have?

    What kind of games do you play?

    Why do you think you need an upgrade? I mean do you think games are not running as fast as you want or some other reason??
  5. If I did everything right at:

    $246 is a bit below the budget's I'm used to working.
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