I need help with my sata devices!

Okay, so everything is working, save the sata devices. (My hard drive and my dvd drive). I used a bootable usb key to boot into linux ubuntu, but I was unable to install because their were no recognized partitions! I have switched the cabling of the drives several times to no effect, Using two different cables. My thinking is, it is unlikely that both drives are dead, so It's probably a bad pair of cables right? Neither device spins, or in any way show power. Should I contact my psu manufactureer and ask for more cables? What is the most likely problem, thanks for your help!
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  1. does the dvd drive work? what motherboard? do you know for sure that the hard drive is functional? do you both the sata data and power cables plugged in properly? do you have sata enabled in bios (if thats an option)?
  2. So a brand new empty HDD has no recognized Partitions. Well, did you ever create any? Did you Format any? They don't come pre-Partitioned and Formatted.

    You talk as if you are suspicious that you may have two bad cables. Well, two DVD devices should have FOUR cables - one 7-conductor data cable to the mobo port, plus a 15-conductor power supply cable from the PSU, on EACH unit.

    By any chance did you change or install any jumper on your HDD? Some people do this thinking they are setting Master and Slave roles (like on IDE units) and i you definitely should NOT do this with SATA. In fact, I know of some situations with certain SATA drives in which installing a particular jumper will make it appear dead. That's why I asked this question.
  3. If they aren't spinning you probably didn't plug them in. They need two cables. One is the data cable that goes between the mobo and the drive. The other is a power cable that goes between the power supply and the drive. Won't work until you have both.
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