Cyclic Redundency Check on my WD 1TB MyBook

Hey guys,

I have a full WD 1 TB My Book drive (900 GBs of data) that I bought 2 years back, and today upon opening a folder it took couple of mins, explorer became Not Responding and finally (like 5 mins later) it asked me to format the drive.

I tried opening that very same folder using CMD, it printed one line (Cylic Redundency Check), tried opening a different folder and it was able to open it. (so i'm guessing not all is lost)

I honestly couldn't care less about the drive itself compared with the data stored on it.

I'm planning to buy another 1 TB drive (probably gonna go with seagate this time :D (probably the GoFlex, other suggestions are welcome)

My question is how much data I might lose due to this error and what is the best way to recover most of the data from the old drive to the new one?

Thanks guys
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  1. your hard disk is failing. dont use it much, or u many end up with serious trouble. First try to make a image of the whole drive (exact copy of ur whole hard disk with whatever error present). On that image , do what ever data recovery solution u want to apply. Many disk image tools r available some r free. Do a online search.
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