Dead 4870 X2, Upgrade required

Hi guys, heres a chart to show how my systems gpu's have changed:

I start in 2006 with: X1950 Pro's (2)
then to

4850's (2 in CF)
1 4850 (other died)
4850 and 4870 X2 (X2 was oven tricked)
4870X2 (4850 died)
X1950's, X2 died
so currently Im running some old GPU's. And Im not to happy about it.

My other systems specs are as follows:

Q6600@ 3.2 GHz (DOMINO A.L.C cooler)
2GB OCZ Value Gold Plated
750 watt Hiper PSU
X1950 Pros in CF

This 3dMark 06's at 10,000.
My 4850's gave me 15,000
My X2 gave me 18,000

So I figure that instead of splashing out on a fancy GPU (5870 and the like), maybe upgrading other system area's would be better for my performance? Has my CPU still got life? Is my motherboard old tech (PCI express 2.0 and the new intel generation of sockets for 17 and i5)

So yeah, the question is, should I just buy a new graphics card, or should I do another build?

Thanks in advance guys
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  1. Your cpu's is fine IMO, ram could use upgrading to 4GB and you will need a 5870+ to equal your 4870x2's performance.
  2. Or 2xHD5770
  3. Good point
  4. My 4870x2 also died about a month ago (Diamond never responded to my warranty request). I went with (2) 5770s although IMO the 4870x2 seemed a bit faster.
  5. If we are hijacking your thread with dead 4870x2 - my apologies....

    Mine died after about a year. I did notice that the VRM temps were always high... Gigabyte replaced them no questions asked

    you do seem to be unlucky with graphics cards

    The 4870x2 is still a killer card - as strange said it does take a 5870 to equal it. It was just too hot and they seem to have build issues. 2 5770's are barely better than a 5870.

    Your system is fine - buy the 5870 or crossfire 2 5850's...but it sounds like you will flash them to a 5870 and burn them up anyhow...
  6. Well, looks like I'm gonna have a field trip with my oven I am quite unlucky with gfx cards. I am considering a 5870 but will most likely go for the 5770, this allows me to upgrade my cheap no name case to a lian li pc-50r. Being 13 , I've got some begging to do either way. Just to clear things up, the x2 was dead when I got it off eBay, the oven trick gave it 3 whole months of life. Thanks for the responses guys, what a great community
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