SATA mode was set for RAID, and only had one drive

When a friend of mine initially set up this computer he set it up for RAID yet it only has one drive and I don't think I'll ever be doing that any time soon, and someone told me that there is a possibility for conflicts (not sure if that is true) or maybe the RAID controller on this board sucks, no idea.

I tried to put it in AHCI mode, but Windows 7 kept crashing and rebooting, IDE mode it did not have any issues, is there something I need to do to make it work? I would think Windows 7 has drivers for it already. And is there really a speed difference?

DX58SO Mobo (bios version 5506)
i7 processor 920 2.67 Ghz
6 GB of Kingston memory KVR1333D3n9k3(3 2B modules) (triple channel)
ATI 4850 HD
OS: Windows 7

Using the crappy on board Realtek audio (Windows 7 included drivers)
650 GB Hitachi hard drive
160 GB WD (OS)
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  1. Disable raid if you can while still using "achi" mode and try installing 7 again. I had no problems with achi mode with my h55 board. Achi isn't faster than ide; but it allows trim support for ssd's. If you don't plan on using an ssd, then use ide.
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