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Hello, there. Hows everyone doing? Awfully late to be up, but I have a question. I have found 3 5850, and was asking for you opion on which to get.

First one, Vapor-X http: //



Thanks for the help in advance.

Cheers, Edvin
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  1. Looks like the Vapor-X is clocked 735 over 725 and the memory is clocked 1050 over 1000.

    Same manufacturer so Vapor-X is better

    The ASUS is clocked 765 and memory clocked 1125.

    ASUS is a good brand, and they were nice enough to OC it for you. Since it comes that way from the manufacturer, the OC will be warrantied.

    Get the ASUS hands down.
  2. I know ASUS over clocked it, but doesn't the Vapor-X have better cooling features?
  3. I personally never have cooling issues in my 1200 case, what case do you have?

    Also Raedeons do very well on heat, its the new Nvidia 470/480 that are toaster ovens.
  4. HAF-922 , neither do I. But with extra cooling from Vapor-X couldn't I over clock it more then the ASUS? ( I don't care about the warranty)
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    ASUS says:
    OC at 765MHz, up to 20% cooler than standard 5850


    Either the Vapor-X or ASUS. Whichever you want, can't make a bad descision here imo.
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