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Im having some problems with my ASRock X58 Deluxe 3.

Im currently running with tro Geforce 280GTX cars on it both at 16x
But when i install the USB3.0 controller than followed with the mother board one of the graphics card suddenly refuse to go over 8x.

Is this normal, something i do wrong and/or something i can fix?

Thank you in advance for any help.
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  1. I beleive that by installing the USB 3 controller you are taking PCIE lanes away from the cards, the same would happen if you had three GPU's running. Thats what im basing this on anyway. Your manual states that if 2 cards are used both in the blue slots then you get 16 x2 but if you add a third you get 16 x1 and 8 x2.
    It would seem to me that its reading an aditional card even though its not a GPU and shutting the second card down to a x8 lane.
    Pcie scaling tests have shown that its not too big of a deal anyway. I really wouldnt worry about it too much

  2. Does a USB3.0 controller need 8x anyway?
  3. I honestly don't know. My question to you would be do you really need USB 3 ?

  4. Well, like matronix said, when you add a card to the 3rd PCI-e slot, it splits the 16 lanes of the second slot between them (so 8x/8x). However, it doesn't really matter as even the GTX280 doesn't bottleneck with an 8x PCI-e. I wouldn't worry about it because it really shouldn't affect your performance noticeably.
  5. I agree with both of you..

    I know i wont loose much in the way of performance and i don't need USB3 (as of yet anyway).

    I would just like the best of both worlds really, there was also a SATA3 controller in the bundle and had hoped to be somewhat future proof with the board.

    I i will have to upgrade again when the time comes, to bad i was an idiot and dident buy the extreme3 edition instead.

    I will try and write ASRock to see if there is any way to fix this, asked here because i knew you guys would answer much faster, thank you very much for that btw. :)
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