20-8 pin panel system panel connector issue

Hi, just installed a new mother board that has a 20-8 pin panel system panel connector. Sadly, my PC case has a power switch with the old style connector that is much smaller. How do I get around the problem. Is it possible to buy and install a new power button on my front panel that will have this 20-8 pin configuration. Any other solutions.
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  1. Can you provide a link to motherboard & case, so we can review to see what we can come up with? (Pictures are nice too :) )
  2. This is standard on Asus Boards and most reading this are probably confused into thinking you are talking about the 20+4 pin connector or the EPS CPU power connectors. The 20-8 thing refers to:

    System Power LED (2 pins)
    HD Actibity LED (2)
    System Warning Speaker (4)
    ATX Power Button (2)
    Reset Button (2)

    Why they call it 20-8 I can only guess that there's 20 places to put pins and 8 aren't used :)

    Perhaps you can strip off the old connector and get the right cable ends from frozencpu.com Give them a call; half the time the President of the company answers the phone and should be able to steer you right

    Here's some ideas:

  3. tecmo34 said:
    Can you provide a link to motherboard & case, so we can review to see what we can come up with? (Pictures are nice too :) )

    Thanks tecmo34
    My motherboard is ASUS P5QL-CM, details are in its manual on
    (sorry can't copy/ paste the page with diagram of MoBo)

    The PC is Acer Aspire M1640, details at

    To give more details the MoBo inside my Acer Aspire looked like this

    So the problems I have are
    1. the adapter to the F_PANEL in the Acer PC was this 13 pin thing whereas in the new ASUS board is 20-8
    2. The wires from the switch in front to the case are not long enough to reach the adaptor on the new motherboard.

    Any ideas.
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