GPU fan is running very fast for no reason

Hi everyone, my GPU seems to be running its fans at an abnormal speed. Additionally, it seems to be running very hot. Rivatuner is telling me that the temperatures are averaging at about 70 degrees celsius, with spikes somehow going up to like 100 or so, and dips going down to.. 3 degrees?.. And the fan speed is averaging around 7000, which I'm pretty sure is too high. Grahpics card is a GTX 260 SSC by nvidia.. I never had this problem before today.

Does anyone have any suggestions about what to do?

EDIT: Problem fixed by restarting my computer.. :o
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  1. Your computer, "April fools!".

    Hehe, aren't you supposed to try that first? :p

    Interesting your sensors were going all out of wack. Could have been software too *shrug. At least its better!
  2. nothiong is free in the world. go to technician and let him fix. it is all hardware and some nonsense backgroung processes problem.

    if it does not work take one hammer and bang it two times on the mother board.and then throw the computer in the garbage.It will never annoy any body else.
  3. Erm thank you.. But this thread is quite old already. No need to necro it.

    Besides, I fixed it by restarting, haha. Should have thought of that before I tried anything else.

    Thank you for the hammer advice though.. :D
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