Faulty cpu?

Ive been getting a ton of problems with freezes,

multiple reinstalls, swapped out gpu, ram, pretty much everything.

i still get hard freezes, bsod, sometimes even just hard reboot.

sometimes wont post.

would indicate cpu problems right? but i have no errors in prime95 or memtest, given i dont freeze during the test.

when i do get a clean boot, often requiring 10-20 boots, all is well, assuming it has more than a minute or two uptime, otherwise the crash seems to be random and irrelevent to the post/os boot process.

bad cpu?
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  1. Or PSU issue.
  2. could this be a mobo problem?
  3. List your full specs so we know what you are working with. Also list what you removed and replaced it with since you say you swapped out a bunch of parts. Im with Rolli in that i would make sure its not a PSU issue first, they manifest in strange ways, so if you can, borrow someone else's PSU and see if your machine behaves properly. Dont test your PSU in someone elses system, you run the risk of damaging things if the PSU is at fault.
  4. m4a77td mobo

    AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz Socket AM3 125W Quad-Core Processor HDZ965FBGMBOX

    CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX 750W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC Compatible with Core i7 Power

    Kingston HyperX 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1800 Desktop Memory Model KHX1800C9D3K2/4G

    9600gt pny

    ive swapped out the 9600gt for a 250gts, thinking it was a gpu problem, but since i am still having problems i decided to put the old 9600gt back in for the time being.

    either ram stick, or the combo of them, seems to have no effect

    i was thinking it was my motherboard for awhile since the north bridge was running kind of hot, i removed the heat sink on the north bridge applied new paste and it runs much cooler now but there was little to no change in the freezes.

    ill see if i can find someone with a suitable psu for the time being, but im not hopeful.
  5. PSU you have is a quality PSU you have swapped ram, gone single sticks with each in diff slots and same prob, not GPU as it has been swapped, could be MOBO

    or could be HDD on the Ghost,

    Try a different HDD, could be bad sectors on HDD causing crashes, I had this exact problem with a Seagate f1 1tb, constant crashes, checked everything time and again and came to conclusion after using new Hitachi 1tb that seagate drive has bad sectors, after installation on Hitachi, scanned Seagate,and yes, multiple bad sectors!
  6. i even get freezes/chrashes in things like bios, long before the hdd is accessed though

    ill try it today just for science but i dont think it will matter.

    Some times i even get a freeze/reboot before i see any post info, or else on post ill just get a blinking underscore cursor that sits there forever
  7. If you crash in BIOS then you have limited the number of parts in play. Only the GPU, CPU, Motherboard, RAM, CPU and PSU are in action then, so the HDD can be totally ruled out.
  8. hunter315 said:
    If you crash in BIOS then you have limited the number of parts in play. Only the GPU, CPU, Motherboard, RAM, CPU and PSU are in action then, so the HDD can be totally ruled out.

    I'd agree...the memory would be the first suspect here really. When you say you swapped them out, have you tried one stick at a time in each and every slot on your motherboard? It could be a faulty RAM slot that is being overlooked. If you've already tried this then the next thing would be to try and swap out the motherboard with a similar one and see if that solves anything. Post back and let us know. Good luck!
  9. Well before i shipped my mobo in i thought i would give the ram another check.

    at first i would not boot at all with one stick, while the other stick was booting everytime. Bingo i thought.

    but it was just back up to its old tricks, tried one stick in the 3rd slot and booted on first try, ill see how long it stays up. I think i might have to start a spreadsheet or something on my laptop to keep track of this.

    i have a nagging suspicion its my motherboard now, when it wont boot on the blue slots the black will, when it wont boot on black slots it will on blue.

    and trying to boot with no ram seems to make working alot more likely no matter what slots i plug my ram into for the next boot
  10. ive just stared trying the ram in different slots, i was always under the impression that you had to use the 1st channel slots first, and even then the a slot before the b slot.
  11. thanks moody89!
  12. well i was packing up my motherboard for rma

    and i found some thermal paste on the ram traces!

    i cleaned it up and bam, stable as can be
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